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    M.L. Dispanadda (Duke) Diskul

    CEO - Mae Fah Luang Foundation

    M.L. Dispanadda Diskul (Duke) is the Chief Executive Officer of Mae Fah Luang Foundation. He has an extensive background in sustainable development having been in charge of the foundation's rural development initiatives both domestically and internationally. He leads the strategic mission and vision, and is the key representative disseminating the foundation's core principles and knowledge as well as advising on policy in major forums. Duke oversees the foundation's flagship social enterprise, the Doi Tung Development Project and the brand's five different social businesses. He is very active in the Thailand social enterprise scene where he is a member of Thailand Social Enterprise Board. He co-founded and was recently elected the President of the Social Enterprise Thailand Association (SE Thailand), a platform to help build capacity for new enterprises in Thailand. Duke has a Masters in Business Administration from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University.

    Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla

    Chief People Officer - Thai Beverage

    Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla is a prominent transformation driver with more than 20 years of experiences including 8 years with the Boston Consulting Group, 8 years with TMB Bank and now spearheading Thai Beverage towards Vision 2020 as stable and sustainable ASEAN leader.


    After graduating from Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Engineering and Tokyo Institute of Technology with PhD in systems sciences, Dr.Agapol has discovered his passion for people. ThaiBev was named in 2018 as one of Asia Best Employer Brands, Dream Employer of the Year as well as achieving the Best Digital Transformation. Dr. Agapol is named among the MG100 coaches by Dr.Marshall Goldsmith and HRM Asia watchlist 2018 as a rising shaper of the region.


    Thai Beverage is the largest Beverage and Food company of Asia and the global industry leader in sustainability with beverage industry highest scores in DJSI sustainability index.


    Arch Wongchindawest

    Founder & CEO - Socialgiver.com - Global Shapers Bangkok Hub

    Named to Forbes '30 under 30' list, Arch previously worked as a consultant for UN agencies and NGOs. This young entrepreneur is the Founder & CEO of Socialgiver.com; an award-winning social enterprise that currently helps over 200 leading brands to give back in a more effective and sustainable way. Through Socialgiver, thousands of conscious consumers have contributed to improve over 45,000 lives in Thailand and the ASEAN region. Arch is also an Eisenhower Fellow, Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, One Young World Ambassador, and the co-founder of the Last of Ours project; a blockchain solution to protect endangered animals living around the world.

    Ingo Puhl

    Co-founder - Southpole Carbon

    Ingo Puhl believes that the world today is full of opportunities and business models that have the potential to disrupt and transform how we consume, use energy, feed ourselves, communicate and transact with each other. He believes that this transformation is driven by technology and social change that enables global collaboration and generating shared value.


    Ingo is a founding partner of The South Pole Group, a global market leader in carbon markets and related advisory. His experience is in the design and use of results/performance-based finance systems (aka carbon markets) to accelerate investments in renewable energy in developing countries and as a means to facilitate cooperation actions in the spirit of the collaborative economy.


    He is intrigued by the possibilities that blockchain technology offers to accelerate action for good and across all kinds of activities in the economy and society and at this point evaluate the use of this technology in his fields of interest.

    Patikorn Lukkanavej

    Campaign Manager, Tesco Lotus

    Patikorn Lukkanavej is a manager of food waste reduction programme at Tesco Lotus. Before joining Tesco Lotus, he worked as a political information analyst at UNDP. From NGO to the corporate world, he has learned to integrate corporate and social responsibility goals into a business model that enables business to create value for all stakeholders.

    Patikorn received his master’s degree in International Law & International Relations from Oxford Brookes University and his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Hunter College of City University of New York.

    Florian Bennhold

    CEO & Managing Director - Symbior Solar

    Florian is an entrepreneur and business development executive with over 10 years of experience in cleantech in Europe, Asia and the United States. He began his career at Wilson SolarPower, an MIT spin-off company in Boston and lives in Bangkok with his wife and three sons.

    Amanda Dominguez

    Strategic Initiatives Leader & Stakeholder Relations Leader - ConsenSys & Curator - Global Shapers Manila Hub

    Amanda Dominguez serves as the Strategic Initiatives & Stakeholder Relations Lead in Asia-Pacific for ConsenSys, the blockchain venture production studio and software development company primarily focused on Ethereum. Her work involves influencing policy and legislation to support the development and growth of the blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines. Amanda currently serves as the Curator of the Global Shapers Manila Hub and supports all Hub projects and heads the Hub's membership committee. Amanda is driven by her exploration of the intersection of technology and social change, which began in during her time as a student in the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. In a self-directed study within the Culture & Politics major, Amanda examined the relationship between culture, knowledge and power, with a focus in cross-cultural communications, media and technology. Her academic work includes a thesis for the Classics Department that identifies 1st century Pompeian graffiti as ancient social media, as well as extensive research on the ever-evolving landscape of analog and digital media. Since receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in 2014, Amanda has worked in various capacities in the media and technology spaces, seeking to sustainably empower both organizations and individuals to improve the state of the world through digital integration and transformation.

    Thomas Chrometzka

    Director Energy - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

    Strongly committed to contribute to transforming the energy sector globally. Currently working with the Thai Ministry of Energy and other governments in Southeast Asia. The goal is to enable a transition to a no/low carbon emission energy supply system. To bring more innovation to the traditional energy sector, we are building New Energy Nexus Southeast Asia - a start-up support initiative for smart energy innovators.

    Recently co-founded SolarLux Ltd. which is an Affiliate to the SolarCoin Foundation. SolarCoin is a blockchain based reward for the producers for solar power. It is a mind-blowing opportunity as it might change the way how renewable energy production is incentivized globally.

    Numpon Mahayotsanun

    Vice President - Thai Tribology Association (TTA)

    Dr. Numpon Mahayotsanun is currently doing research and teaching at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. His research interests are in the fields of tribology in manufacturing, surface engineering, metal forming, and micro-manufacturing. His research experiences involve machine design, sensor design, forming processes, finite element analysis, microstructure technology, composite materials, and robotics. Dr. Numpon Mahayotsanun has been active in carrying out collaborative research projects with domestic and international manufacturing industry and national research institutes in order to enhance the capability of the manufacturing companies. Currently, he is acting as the vice president of Thai Tribology Association (TTA) that promotes, develops, innovates and transfers research and development in advanced Tribology technology to Thai manufacturing industry through collaborations with top-rated experts and research institutes. Recently, he has been selected to be a member of Thai Young Scientists Academy (TYSA) and Global Young Academy (GYA) due to his active role in driving research activities domestically and internationally. In addition to his active research roles, Dr. Numpon Mahayotsanun is a co-founder of Creative Lab Center (CLC) that develops high quality local products and transfer creative design and development knowledge to the local communities. He is also a co-founder of Medical Devices Design and Development (M3D) research group that designs and develops medical devices for commercialization.

    Kris Chinosorn

    Director of Innovation - KX MADE

    I’m a Big Idea guy. I’m also a snowboarder, a salsa dancer, and a founder of a company that's disrupting education through people-powered online learning. I lead product development, manage investor relationships, and ensure our business is scalable, intuitive, and dangerously addicting.

    Because no matter who you are or where you’re from, the only hurdle to becoming the best at what you love should be your willingness to give it all you’ve got.

    His career evolved into a 15+ year vast interdisciplinary journey in startups, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Founder of incubator projects whose startups has raise $100+ million in funding. Now he is working to make Thailand an Innovation leader on the global stage.

    Kittikawin (Pong) Cheecharern

    R&D Product Manager – OmiseGo (OMG)

    Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology could be the most disruptive technology of our time. . There's a huge need in this space for a developer that demonstrates 1) Ability to innovate through uncharted territory 2) Ability to identify, pitch and solve business requirement 3) High level understanding of Economics, Cryptography, Distributed Networks, and socio-economics.


    Pong is a fast learning- multitalented innovator that puts Business use case first. From high level concepts Keynote Speaking to Prototyping on Blockchain & Full-stack web applications. His biggest strength lies in his curiosity, foresights in learning new technology and the ability to ideate and solve ranges of problems. This and his repertoire of skillsets makes him an invaluable asset to any organization looking to innovate on top of a Blockchain Technology

    Aukrit Unahalekhaka

    Co-founder and CEO - Ricult

    Aukrit Unahalekhaka is the Co-Founder & CEO (Thailand) of Ricult, a venture-backed social enterprise that leverages machine learning and satellite imagery to help farmers in Thailand and Pakistan increase farm productivity and access affordable loan, helping lift them out of poverty. Ricult has been named the best Social Enterprise in Southeast Asia and Oceania in the Global Social Venture Competition, won the Fintech Disrupt Challenge organized by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and awarded Innovative Agribusiness by United Nations Industrial Developmental Organization. From his work at Ricult, Aukrit was named as Thailand Top Entrepreneur Under 35 by the Royal Thai Government and one of ASEAN-Australia Top Social Entrepreneurs Under 35 by the Australian Government. Aukrit received a joint master’s degree in engineering and management from MIT where he was a fellow at the MIT Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship. Prior to MIT, he was a consultant at Accenture in the Boston office and a software engineer at Cisco in Silicon Valley.

    Lee Ayu Chuepa

    Co-founder - Akha Ama Coffee

    Lee Ayu Chuepa from Thailand has successfully empowered the Akha farmers in Thailand through “Akha Ama Coffee.” The business started with a simple idea to encourage the Akha farmers in the village of Maejantai, Chiang Rai to own, tend and harvest their own coffee in a sustainable way.


    Akha Ama Coffee is even listed as one of the 21 coffees for the World Cup Tasters Championship in London.


    Nichanan Kesonpat

    Blockchain Developer - Last of Ours

    Nich is a blockchain content creator with a focus on educational content for foundational and technical concepts. She graduated with degrees in Neurobiology and Psychology from UC Berkeley and began her career in San Francisco helping startups build teams and scale. She writes a blog whose posts have been shared worldwide by renowned VCs, educators, and entrepreneurs. She is a strong advocate for interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity, and open source projects. A self-taught programmer and technology enthusiast, she is a contributing writer for “Mastering Ethereum”, a highly anticipated book on blockchain technology and smart contract programming. She is currently developing innovation ecosystems in the blockchain space with KX Made, and building products at Last of Ours, a non-fungible token project that aims to utilize blockchain technology to save endangered species.

    Madeleine Recknagel

    Founder - The Sustainable Self

    After working in the corporate fields for 17 years, Madeleine realised that most companies consuming resources unsustainably. It became more glaring when she switched to higher education in Bangkok and its lifestyle. She knew that something had to be done and it had to do with her own way of living and consumption towards Zero Waste Bangkok.


    Now a full-time lecturer at Bangkok University, concurrently she also consults companies on Zero Waste/Green Office Practices as well as mentoring students on Circular Economy. Her partnership with Quizzbizz Thailand provided her with tools to empower schools, universities and organisations in digital learning especially on complex topics i.e. climate change, resilience, zero waste etc.

    Dr Renard Siew

    Group Sustainability - Sime Darby Berhad - Global Shapers Kuala Lumpur Hub

    Dr Renard works across engineering and economics to help develop sustainable cities and communities. He is a Climate Reality Leader and a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network focusing on Sustainable Development. He's also on the Advisory Board of Global Infrastructure Basel, Economists without Borders and advisors to startups.


    Prior to this, he was a postdoctoral teaching fellow and a researcher at the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) where he worked on a number of portfolios including sustainability/ integrated reporting, ESG integration, socially responsible investments, climate change and sustainable construction. With several accolades under the belt, he recently joined the Class of 2018 Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative.

    Laura (Walsh) Takenaka

    Country Head NEM Thailand

    Innovative, result-driven management professional with extensive international development, Blockchain education and advocacy, project management, executive administration, teaching, and non-profit organization experience. Detail-oriented individual skilled in organizing and implementing key projects and initiatives while also participating in international symposiums, intergovernmental conferences, and overseas field visits. Collaborative communicator focused on building relationships and leading project teams to drive international development and comprehensive program management approaches.

    Jihoon Lee

    Regional Urban Analyst, UNDP

    Jihoon Lee is an Urban Analyst at the UNDP’s Regional Hub in Bangkok, Thailand. He works for sustainable urbanization and is in charge of urban climate resilience initiatives in the region. Prior to this, he has worked at Cheongju International Airport as an air traffic controller and at Daewoo Engineering and Construction as an Urban Project Manager both in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Seoul, South Korea. He has also worked at UN-Habitat in Nairobi, Kenya and at Seoul Institute in South Korea. He obtained his B.Eng from Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea in Urban Engineering and Design and his M.U.P from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France in Urban Planning and Development (Urbanisme et aménagement).

    Amarit Charoenphan

    CEO - Hubba - Alumnus, Global Shapers Bangkok Hub

    Amarit’s passion and life's work is to create a better world where people work with passion, meaning, and purpose while actively supported by an inspiring community and ecosystem.


    He the Group CEO & Cofounder of HUBBA, the Hub of Global Creators. They are Thailand’s 1st and largest coworking space and community which is targeted to serve 12,000+ members by the end of 2016.

    Apart from that, he is also the Cofounder of Techsauce Media, Thailand's leading tech media, which is best known for Techsauce Global Summit, Southeast Asia's 1st Global Scale conference that will be attended by 6,000 attendees on July 28 - 29, 2017.

    Monrawee Ampolpittayanant

    Country Head for Public Affairs - Grab Thailand

    Monrawee is leading Grab’s efforts in public affairs and social impact in her role as Country Head for Public Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Social Impact for Grab Thailand. Her responsibility entails developing initiatives to improve the quality of life for Grab’s driver-partners, passengers, the general public as well as the underprivileged. The ultimate goal is to drive the country forward.


    Monrawee holds Certificates of Specialization from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law in Berkeley, USA in Environmental Law and Energy & Clean Technology Law with full scholarship from the Royal Thai Government. She also received First Class Honor and achieved Top Grade in business law from Chulalongkorn University.


    Monrawee is passionate about social impact, innovation, technology, human rights, law and labor relations. She speaks Thai, English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

    Tam Hoang

    Sustainable Urbanisation Specialist - UN-Habitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

    Tam is a Sustainable Urbanisation Specialist for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) where he supports UN inter-agency collaboration at the regional and country level, towards implementation of the New Urban Agenda.


    Presently, the main focus of his work is enabling regional partnerships and technical assistance on sustainable urban development. Prior to joining UN-Habitat, he worked for UNESCO in Indonesia on issues concerning disaster risk reduction and social inclusion. Before entering the UN, he spent ten years as an emergency first-responder and in various roles across the hospitality, IT and banking industry.

    Tieza Mica Santos

    Director for Sustainable Finance, WWF Philippines - Alumna, Global Shapers Manila Hub

    Since 2009, Tieza has moved around and lived in over fifteen different cities around the world. She has over a decade-long of experience working on her passion and advocacy for sustainability through social enterprises, startup innovation, sustainable and climate finance, impact investing, climate mitigation through energy and low-carbon economic transition, sustainable cities and landscape, and climate-resilient communities. She wears multiple hats serving as the Director for Sustainable Finance of WWF Philippines, City Girl-in-Chief of Sustain my City Movement, Founder and Convener of Unmask Movement, and remains an active alumna of the Global Shapers Manila Hub.

    Viriya Taecharungroj

    Assistant Professor of Marketing - Mahidol University International College

    Dr. Viriya is currently a full-time faculty member in Marketing area at Mahidol University International College. He discovered deep insights from his research and study in the past combining different topics of sustainability, city marketing, and marketing strategy. These insights are accumulated and published in multiple globally recognised publications such as User-Generated Place Brand Identity, The Place Sustainability Scale and City-District Divergence Grid. In this conference, he is bringing the concept of 'Placeful Business', allowing entrepreneurs to examine their own business and its element that makes it truly unique in its area.

    Sanon Wangsrangboon

    Founder, Once Again Hostel - Global Shapers Pathum Thani Hub

    As family faced the eviction since 1997, Sanon was aware of the inequality, urban poverty and the life quality gap between poor and rich. Graduated from system engineering with the passion to create systematic change for inclusive city, he co-founded an inclusive urban act agency - “SATARANA”, to empower youth and communities in developing an inclusive city altogether. With the co-creation and design thinking process, SATARANA co-created many projects and initiatives including an informative bus stop designed by citizens, co-design the first electrical bus with Bangkok government and co-create the alternative option for house eviction of heritage communities “Pom Mahakan”.

    Martin Su

    Country Coordinator, 350 Taiwan - Global Shapers Taipei Hub

    Since building up the recycling system for his high school, Martin was convinced that “One person can make a difference.” He then dived into the world of environmentalism in college. After graduation, Martin made environmentalism his life mission as he started with working in the waste management sector and later with Taiwan Circular Economy Network to promote Circular Economy. Yet, wanted to get his hands dirty, Martin joined a circular startup. Currently, Martin is transforming his family business in traditional textile to a circular model. Plus, he is the country coordinator of 350 Taiwan, a climate change focused NGO.

    Yu Nakamura

    Co-founder of TASTE HUNTERS - Global Shapers Bangkok Hub

    Based in Tokyo and Bangkok, culinary producer. Picked up the Spanish and English languages having spent time in kitchens in over 36 countries. Recently published a book about "Grandma's recipes" in Japanese and Korean, which going around the globe to find out over 80 years old grandma and get to know the surviving skill. She believes that their skill will make people strong and creative. Its also in youtube, it reaches over 1.7 million views. She moved to Bangkok 2016 and established craft sake and wine importing company "TASTE HUNTERS", tries to find the way to preserve traditional craft producers.

    Nate Maynard

    Consultant, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research - Global Shapers Taipei Hub

    Nate Maynard works across disciplines and sectors to identify, promote and develop solutions to environmental challenges. Currently, he consults for the Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER). There, he researches ocean economics, analyses alternative energy development and promotes circular economy policies.

    Prior to his current role, he was a two-time Fulbright recipient in Taiwan, where he developed a tool to rapidly quantify the economic benefits of coral reefs. He worked with NOAA, the World Bank, and developed a mobile-app to help people report plastic pollution.

    Dr. Nuttavikhom Phanthuwongpakdee

    Researcher, Urban Futures Research Unit - Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University

    Kay is a researcher with experience working with private sector, academia and civil society organizations. He is currently working for the Research Coordination for SDGs in Thailand (SDG Move) Project with Thailand Research Fund to monitor the progress of SDGs in Thailand. Additionally, Kay works as a researcher for the Urban Futures Research Unit, Thammasat University, on resilient cities.


    Kay is a holder of the Joint PhD in Geography, with the concentration on disaster adaptation, from King’s College London and the National University of Singapore. While in London, Kay worked on the Yangon Urban Growth Analytics Project at LSE Cities

    Dr. Boonanan Natakun

    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University

    Boonanan’s research focuses on the participatory planning and design at community and neighbourhood levels. He is currently the Chair of Interior Architecture Department and a member of Urban Futures Research Unit at Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University. He completed his PhD in Architecture from The University of Melbourne, Australia.

    Vachara Aemavat

    Co-founder & Co-CEO - SIX Network

    Vachara is the founder of Computerlogy, a leading startup focusing on the social media tools for enterprise in Thailand, with a range of products from social media analytics, command centre, chatbot, and more. He exited his first startup to join Yello Digital Marketing Group (YDMG) in 2016, where he assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer.

    Saumil Shah

    Managing Director & Founder, EnerGaia

    Saumil holds Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA. After university, he worked 3 years at Pratt & Whitney in aircraft engine design before moving to GE. During 14 years there, Saumil held various positions including field engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, commercial director, market development director for renewables and product line GM.


    After GE, Saumil decided to found EnerGaia. He has conducted extensive research; developed a new algae bioreactor system; built several commercial production sites; and assembled a top-notch team of socially-minded individuals to support the company’s goals and objectives.


    Chef Mai Thitiwat Tantragarn

    Executive Chef - Insects in the Backyard

    Chef Mai Thitiwat Tantragarn is the executive chef at Insects in the Backyard, Thailand’s first fine dining insect restaurant. Chef Mai challenges perceptions, aesthetics and cultural expectations by creating finger-licking delicious dishes incorporating humble insects. Environmentally and for their super food attributes he believes that bugs represent the future of food and is dedicated to spreading the edible insect culture. Chef Mai has numerous accolades to his name and has worked as a former chef at Sirocco Le Bua, Michelin star restaurant chain D’Sens and celebrity chef, Todd English’s Mohgan Sun in the United States.


    Tharatorn Teerakunded

    Product Developer for Hiso Snack Brand - Smile Farm Food Tech Co.

    Tharatorn heads the product development for Smile Farm Food Tech Co.’s edible organic insect snack brand - "Hiso". In sync with the organisation’s mission, he thrives to develop healthy and organic products from alternative sources of food with his expertise and passion.


    Prior to his current role, Tharatorn was the product manager of Winner Group Enterprise PLC., where he directed marketing activities for responsible imported snack brands.


    Tharatorn holds a MBA degree from Kasetsart University (International Program).


    Pichit Virankabutra

    Exhibit and event director - Thai Creative and Design Center (TCDC)

    With more than 20 years in the design and creative space scene. Pichit has been one of the key driving dorce in organising the Bangkok Design Week in 2018, which highlights the city in a journey to become the World Design Capital® in 2022.


    TCDC a public institution whose mission is to get people’s creative juices flowing. It helps then that TCDC is located on Charoen Krung Road, a major thoroughfare that runs parallel to the Chao Phraya River for at least 8km. It’s now the epicenter of what’s being dubbed Bangkok’s “Creative District”, an up-and-coming area of the city buzzing with new life, thanks to artists, designers, and musicians.

    Shoji Nishizawa

    Managing Director, Solar Power Roof SPCG Public Company Limited